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Booking faqs

We are very flexible in planning and adjusting the itineraries so please don't hesitate to discuss any aspect of booking, adjustments, accommodation, changes ...with us.

You can simply submit our online booking form, send us an email at or simply call us on +385 (0) 98 19 09 766  and we will be glad to assist you. We will help you pick the package that fits your vacation schedule, tastes, and budget.

Booking procedures

After we have agreed the itinerary and want to book, we will send you an invoice for a 30% to 50% deposit (depending on the program).

The final balance payment is due 4 weeks before your arrival. If you are booking less than 4 weeks before your arrival, payment in full is required. After we receive the deposit, we will issue you an official booking confirmation or voucher. After we receive a balance payment, we will send you an INFO sheet as a pdf document providing all the contact information, times of departures and other necessary information.

It might happen that some extra payments are paid on spot during the check in process in cash. However you will be notified about that in advance while making a reservation.

Credit Card Payments 

All payments will be effected in Croatian currency. The amount your credit card account will be charged is obtained through the conversion of the price in Euro into Croatian kuna according to the current exchange rate of the Croatian National bank. When charging your credit card, the same amount is converted into your local currency according to the exchange rate of credit card associations. As a result of this conversion there is a possibility of a slight difference from the original price stated on our web site.

We reserve the right to charge administration/service fees on spot  for balance payments made by credit card.


Cancellation policy

Deposits are partly non-refundable. Refunds of final payment will be honored as follows:

Between 41-60 days of scheduled tour departure: 75% refund
Between 31-40 days of scheduled tour departure: 50% refund
30 days or less prior to scheduled tour departure: No refund
Penalties and fees imposed by our suppliers may be additional and, if imposed, will be deducted from the above refunds, if any. A change of trip date or change of travel destination(s) will be treated as a cancellation and cancellation fees may apply.


Limits on Responsibility

DalMagic agency acts as an agents for the client with respect to all transportation, hotel and other tour arrangements. We will ensure the traveler's safety and satisfaction, but, Dal Magic neither assumes nor bears any responsibility or liability for any injury, death, damage, loss, accident, delay, or irregularity arising in connection with the services of any airplane, train, ship, automobile, motor coach, carriage, or other conveyance, or the actions of any third-party involved in carrying the traveler or in affecting these tours. DalMagic agency  is not responsible for damages, additional expenses, or any other losses due to cancellation, delay or other changes in air or other services, sickness, weather, strike, war, civil disturbances, acts or threats of terrorism, travel warnings or bans, termination or suspension of war risks or other carrier insurance, quarantine, acts of God or other causes beyond its control. All such losses must be borne by the traveler, and tour rates provide for arrangements only for the time stated. Dal Magic  is not responsible for delays, changes or cancellation costs due to incorrect, incomplete or expired traveler documents. In the event of cancellation, delay or rescheduling mandated by any of the aforesaid causes beyond DalMagic’s control, the passenger shall have the option of accepting in lieu of the original tour such rescheduled tour or other substituted tour(s) as may be offered, or else, receiving a refund of as much of such advance tour expenditures as DalMagic can recover on the traveler's behalf from carriers, third-party tour vendors, etc., but, DalMagic shall not have any obligation or liability to the traveler beyond the foregoing. DalMagic  reserves the right to make alterations to the tours itinerary and to substitute hotels, vehicles, ships, or activities if this is required. DalMagic reserves the right to cancel, delay, or reschedule any tour prior to departure, and, so long as this is not due to any of the aforesaid causes beyond our control, the passenger shall be entitled to a full refund of all monies paid to that point if he/she so desires, less any non-refundable deposits or uncollectible expenses incurred.


In addition and without limitation, DalMagic is not responsible for any injury, loss, death, inconvenience, delay or damage to personal property in connection with the provision of any goods or services whether resulting from but not limited to acts of God or force majeure, illness, disease, acts of war, civil unrest, insurrection or revolt, animals, strikes or other labor activities, criminal or terrorist activities of any kind, overbooking or downgrading of services, food poisoning, mechanical or other failure of aircraft or other means of transportation or for failure of any transportation mechanism to arrive or depart on time.


We strongly recommend Travel Insurance

Please think about purchasing comprehensive travel insurance (including trip delay, trip cancellation, trip interruption, and baggage insurance) once a trip has been booked. Health, accident, and emergency evacuation insurance are also strongly recommended. Detailed information will be provided upon receipt of a deposit, or upon request.

DalMagic does not share, sell, or trade email addresses, telephone numbers, information collected as part of a survey or specific details about you and your household.

DalMagic does not release your credit card or financial information with any other companies or organizations.

DalMagic does not share any past or current client names and postal addresses with any other companies or organizations.


TRIFORA d.o.o., DALMAGIC TRAVEL AGENCY. (referred to as the AGENCY) acknowledges and appreciates your right to confidentiality of personal data and is obliged to preserve the security of data collected through the,
AGENCY collects, processes and keeps your personal information in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other applicable regulations. Data will not be passed on to third parties or exported to third countries except if necessary for the realization of the contracted services (accommodation, airline, transfer, insurance).
We will consider that further use of web site, is your acceptance of all the conditions described below.

Your personal information is collected and used only on the basis of the information you have voluntarily provided to the AGENCY by sending a query (when you send your inquiry, personal information will be used, such as: first name, last name, e-mail) and in the case of confirmation of reservation (please read a description below).
Collected personal information is kept in electronic form, but in the case of package arrangement confirmation and a payment, the personal data are printed on the deposit payment invoice and the final invoice (name of the reservation holder, address of the residence), only for bookkeeping purposes, as well as on printed vouchers for travel services agreed (name and surname of all participants) and all appropriate technical and organizational measures are applied to prevent personal data violations. Received emails with your personal information will be used by AGENCY only for the purpose of meeting your requirements.

When confirming the booking agreement, we will need the personal data of the reservation holder who must be an adult person (name and surname, date of birth, address of residence, contact telephone, e-mail etc.) and a personal data of other guests in the group (name and surname, date of birth). When booking the INSURANCE PACKEGE or AIRPLANE TICKET, we will need the personal data of the reservation holder who must be an adult person (name and surname, date of birth, passport number, address of residence) and a personal data of other guests in the group (name and surname, date of birth, passport number, address of residence). Only the necessary information (name and surname of all participants of the trip) will only be available to partners in realization (accommodation, transportation and other travel services).
Payment details (bank card number, expiration date etc.) are specifically protected and will only be available to banks or cardholders for payment authorization.

Cookies allow AGENCY to collect statistical data on user behavior at, (for example, in which parts of our web page the users stay the longest and the shortest), which Internet browser is used etc. (i.e. Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox).
The cookies are a small set of data sent from the server, to the user's computer, and serves as an anonymous identifier. Cookies are also used for easier navigation through the Internet. Cookies are not used to access user data or to track user activity after leaving,
AGENCY reserves the right to use cookies at the,, but any user may prohibit receiving cookies by editing / changing settings in their Internet browser.

5. LINKS, contains a link to Facebook, Instagram and TripAdvisor. Accordingly, we would like to alert the users to consider that the AGENCY can not be held liable for the privacy of the mentioned Internet sites. Therefore, we encourage users to read the Privacy Statement of each Internet site they access.

The AGENCY takes all security measures to protect the user's information, during data entry, transfer, data processing and storage. Access to data is limited only to those employees who are required to do business activity.
Users at any time have the right to request information about how their personal data are processed by the AGENCY, or to modify or delete them, by sending a request to e-mail:

In the event of any changes to the Privacy Policy, the notice will be published on the homepage of the web site with the intention of acquainting the user.

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