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Croatian islands

Croatia is a country known worldwide for its great untouched beauty and one of its most famous parts are the islands and the Adriatic Sea. Croatia shares Adriatic Sea with Italy, Slovenia, Montenegro and with a very small part of  Bosnia and Herzegovina, but only Croatia can take pride with more than thousand islands. That is pretty much amazing if you take in consideration that the total surface of Croatian part of the Adriatic Sea is 33 200 km2. Croatian islands can be classified and described in many ways, by size, by population, by beauty and by the type of holiday you will experience if you visit one of them.

Certainly the largest Croatian islands are Cres, Krk and Brac. Cres and Krk are located in the north part of the Adriatic Sea, while the island of Brac is located in the south part, in the region of Dalmatia. Besides these mentioned islands, other islands worth of seeing are definitely the islands of Hvar, Korčula, Pag, Lastovo, Rab, Ugljan and of course, the national park of the Kornati islands. Probably you would like to know which island is the most popular among the tourists. The answer without a doubt would be- the island of Hvar.

Hvar is an island in the region of central Dalmatia and it is known as the sunniest Croatian island. The island is also famous because of its great wine, lavender fields, beautiful architecture and its nightlife. If you prefer spending your holidays in a quiet bay, the island of Hvar is full of secluded coves and private villas that will give you as much privacy as you need. Besides the town of Hvar, visit also Stari Grad and its UNESCO protected plain, villages Jelsa and Vrboska.

The island of Korcula, on the other hand, is a perfect choice for all of you looking for getting back in touch with nature. Korcula is incredibly beautiful typical Mediterranean island- Smell the pine trees, enjoy in the sounds of crickets, drive a vespa through the island, and enjoy in paved stone streets of medieval town Korcula and Vela Luka.

And as our last island recommendation in this short briefing about Croatian islands,the islands where you perhaps cannot find an accommodation, but you can enjoy while sailing, are definitely the islands of Kornati. Kornati islands are a national park located in the north part of Dalmatia, stretching between the counties of Sibenik and Zadar. Their unique beauty lies in their indentation and absence of vegetation. The underwater caves, reefs and islets make Kornati islands a truly amazing experience worth your visit.

Among Croatia’s 1186 islands bobbing in the Adriatic Sea, there are 66 inhabited islands that dot the turquoise and royal blue waters along the Dalmatian Coast. Looking at photos of these islands, particularly aerial views, one cannot help but wonder if the images have been enhanced. Surely, the colors of the water, the brightly sand-fringed beaches, and the whimsically-crenalated shorelines with uncountable coves and bays could exist only in imagination. However, Croatia's islands are indeed picture postcard perfect. No touch-up required!