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5 reasons to visit Croatia

5 reasons to..... visit Croatia with DalMagic!

Ok, so you heard about Croatia?!

Some of your friends, relatives, neighbors, colleagues were in Croatia and now they are telling you a fascinating stories about the colors of the Adriatic sea, the brightly sand-fringed beaches, and the whimsically-crenulated shorelines with uncountable coves and bays, medieval cities, food, wines...

So now you need 5 good reasons to visit Croatia? 

And why you should book your holiday through DalMagic agency?

I could give you more like a hundred good and realiable reasons, but we have to leave something for you to discover.

So here it goes:

1. The Adriatic Sea

5,835 km of the Croatian coast is quite a lot if you consider the fact that the surface of the sea covers 33 200 km2 and the overall size of Croatia covers 89 891 km2. And not less than 1,185 perfectly scattered islands from Umag to Dubrovnik, which point us to our number two...

2. Dubrovnik & Co.

the town is located on the south of Croatia, so beautiful, so surreal that you'll think that you have walked into a fairytale. Actually maybe you did, lately they are filming a mythical story “Game of Thrones” just inside the medieval city walls of Dubrovnik.
But the difference is only that this town is real and its relatives like Trogir, Split, Zadar, Šibenik, Pula, Poreč, Rovinj, etc. are just as fair and worthy of your visit.

3. The nature 

As we have previously mentioned, Croatia is one of the smaller European countries when it comes to its size, but on such a small surface so many natural wonders can be found, that you should plan your trip wisely. Mountains, plains, rivers and the protected areas of national parks like Plitvice, Krka, Mljet, Kornati, Velebit and so on will make a perfect stress free vacation.

4. Culture & history

Not only is Croatia on an interesting position when it comes to geography and natural wonders, but its location on the crossroads of Eastern, South and Central Europe has left Croatia with heritage worth admiration. The architecture of the Roman empire have made Dalmatia a mix of cultures that if you travel through the most part of it, you will have the feeling like you had visited few different countries.

5. People

And finally, if we already have to keep the list to only five reasons, when you meet Croatian people especially on the South, you will see why they made the list. Their hospitality and simplicity combined with all other aforementioned things will give that special touch to your experience of Croatia. But for that, you should definitely come to Croatia and see it for yourself!

And I will give you one more reason:

6. Gastronomy

The Croatian gastronomy along the Adriatic coast and on the islands is based on the tradition of natural and healthy Mediterranean food that is rich with fish, shells, goat and sheep cheese, vegetables, olive oil, citrus fruit, cherries, grapes, figs, almonds and wine. Nutritionists consider Croatian cuisine to be extremely healthy. The vegetable is cooked in small amounts of water and spiced with olive oil and herbs such as rosemary, sage, basil and marjoram. The fish is prepared "al brodetto" (fish stew), boiled or grilled, while meat made under a baking lid has a unique flavour. Different kinds of cheese, such as smoked, young (this year’s cheese) or oiled one are served as appetizers with prosciutto ham and olives…Typical Dalmatian pastries are fritule (plain dark-flour fritters) and rožata (caramel pudding).

And of course, one thing you cannot ignore is a quality of Croatian’s wines and I am giving you a few tips what to taste: 
Istria and Kvarner county: vrbnička žlahtina, malvazija (malmsey), chardonnay, merlot, teran, borgonja, muškat bijeli (white muscat); 
Northern Dalmatia: primoštenski babić, drniški merlot, debit (popular white wine in the region);
Middle and southern Dalmatia: dingač (dingach red wine) and postup, carsko i kneževo vino (imperial and prince's wine), potomje, pelješac, putniković, rukatac, sv. Ana, bolski plavac (plavac from Bol), bolskiopolo, bogdanuša, drnekuša, parč, mekuja, pelegrin, zlatanotok, pošip, maraština, grk, plavac, admiral, lastovska maraština, viška vugava and prošek (prosecco) as a desert wine.

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